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Head and Neck Cancer

Head And Neck Cancer
Head & Neck

There are different malignant tumors that grow inside and around the nose,throat, larynx, sinuses, and mouth etc this term is called Head and neck cancer. Mostly Head and Neck Cancers are squamous (flat scaly) cell carcinomas. It begins with flat scaly cells which is a thin layer of tissue which starts to grow on the surface of head and neck, which is also called as epithelium and mucosa, which is a layer of moist tissue. This type of cancer is found in flat layer of cells, it is called ‘carcinoma in situ’ . Head and neck cancer is caused due to Smoking/chewing of tobacco and consuming of alcohol. When the cancer is grown beyond this cell layer and which also moved in deeper tissue, than it is referred as invasive squamous cell carcinoma.

Symptoms of Head and Neck Cancers
  • Swelling that does not heal.
  • Red or white patch in the mouth or both.
  • Lump, mass or bump in the head, with or without pain.
  • Constant sore throat.
  • Foul mouth odour which doesn’t vanishes with hygiene.
  • Change in voice or Hoarseness.
  • Constant nasal congestion.
Treatment for head and neck cancers:

There are three major types of treatment for the managing of head and neck surgery radiation surgery.

The three main types of treatment for managing head and neck cancer are radiation therapy, surgery, and chemotherapy. The primary treatments are radiation therapy, surgery, or both combined; chemotherapy is often used as an additional, or adjuvant, treatment.

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